14 April 2006

Easter Rant

Posted in UU at 13:26 by jehovahsfitness

Confession: I really don't like Easter services. I honestly think it's a waste of a Sunday. Just about any other Sunday out of the year the theme of the service could be literally anything. There's no limit on what a UU sermon could be about! Yet on Eastern Sunday minister and worship committee feel obligated to rehash the same old spiel about how this time of year flowers are blossoming and animals are coming out of hibernation and life is beginning anew. This trope is particularly meaningless here in the South where actual Winter lasts for about three weeks. I guess I can understand why the beginning of Spring would be a joyous occasion in the North, but down here it just means we're only a few weeks away from the part of the year where you can't step outside without sweating. Not much to get excited about. I can appreciate these Christian and Wiccan myths, and why they appeal to people. I'm just tired of hearing about them.

It's ironic, really, that the language of rebirth keeps getting reused to the point where Easter-time serivces are in dire need of reinvigoration.



  1. Judy Welles said,

    Maybe you’ve been going to the wrong Easter services. In my church we always address the Easter story on Easter. After all, it’s an important holiday in the Christian tradition, which is also where we UU’s have our roots. And it’s a good story.

    Most of religion is metaphor, folks! This holiday is rife with metaphor! There is much that can be made of the Easter story without needing to believe in the bodily resurrection of Christ. Of course it’s a challenge for ministers, especially when we are forced to meet the surly glare of those in the pews who are thinking “I dare you to say something Christian! I’ve got a good mind to get up and walk out of here right now” before we’ve even opened our mouths.

    I agree with Jehova’s F. that merely treating Easter as the “spring has sprung” holiday is Religion Lite at its worst. The story deserves better, the congregation deserves better, and the minister should be trying harder. It’s worth it. It’s a good story.


    P.S. I’m new to this blog. Are there other comments? Where are they?

  2. There’s continued discussion at PeaceBang’s blog. I’m hoping that you’re right and that these services are the exception.

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